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Adamjee insurance Company (AICL) is the pioneer in offering Micro Insurance (MI) Program in the insurance industry of Pakistan. AICL started MI program in 2005, since then it is one of the fastest growing class of business providing insurance coverage to the chronically poor and destitute people of our society. Earlier, providing insurance to the people living below poverty line was considered to be commercially non-viable. The reason was the cost of reaching the poor, acquisition of business, administration is very high and the affordable premium for the poor is very low. However, the very large number and wide spread of the population of poor are the factors on which an insurance scheme can be designed and for this AICL choose Insurance Company-Delivery Channel partnership.

The fundamental basis of AICL MI insurance is to alleviate poverty by providing a social safety net to the chronically poor and to make the whole concept commercially viable to be undertaken. This program has provided safety net to the people in time of shock events resulting in medical emergencies, brought improvements in the basic healthcare facilities available to the poor, it facilitated the healthcare infrastructure, resulted in some revolutions in health care facilities such as introduction of first lady doctors in far deserted area of Thar and it also provides medical awareness through field camps in remote areas. AICL has panel hospitals all over Pakistan backed by an efficient team managing MI program which not only effects prompt cashless settlements but also monitor standard of services provided by panel hospital which are selected to provide MI.

AICL through MI offer hospitalization, personal accident, maternity and child birth coverage. MI Policy provides accidental death and dismemberment insurance, with the full amount payable in the event of the policyholder’s accidental death and a specified fraction of such amount in the event of the loss of a limb or eye.

MI has a huge market of Households in the rural areas and it is tapped through low cost insurance plan with Low Premiums. AICL MI is insuring almost 4 Million people all over Pakistan. Currently, Micro insurance Programme is running in 96 district of Pakistan out of 114.
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