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Crop Insurance
Pakistan's agricultural sector is being the largest sector yet still widely disregarded in terms of insurance, Adamjee Insurance took an initiative to introduce the concept of Crop Insurance. The time period from crop sowing to harvest is extremely crucial for the farmers. The field of agriculture is always exposed to hazards of floods, droughts, rains, and hail storms.

Why Adamjee Insurance?
Farmer's assets are secured, Brings stability to farmer's income, In case of crop damage, insurance company covers loan taken from bank, Farmers get financial aid for re-cropping, Gives a secured and peaceful life.

Benefits and Coverage
The scheme shall cover the production loans provided by the Banks to the farmers. Under this policy is against unavoidable loss of crops or resulting directly from Flood, Drought, Excessive rain, Hailstorm, Frost, Locust attack, Disease and Insect attack.

Livestock Insurance
Pakistan has an agrarian economy and its livestock component being more than 50%. To meet the growing needs of our farmers, Adamjee Insurance Company has introduced Livestock Insurance.

Why Adamjee Insurance?
Protection of Livestock, Payment to the owner in case of death of livestock as per policy guidelines, Guidance in case of illness of your livestock, State-of-art methods of livestock care and Professionally qualified veterinary doctors.

Benefits and Coverage
The core emphasis of Adamjee Livestock Insurance is to provide peace of mind and secure necessities related to livestock. The policy coverage includes: Death coverage of cattle due to natural causes, disease, injury, or accident, Specialized doctors assigned task of providing farmers with latest farming procedures and practices.

Policies can be customized depending upon your specific needs.

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