Corporate Social Responsibility

Adamjee Insurance’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program aims to address key concerns in society, such as health and education. The Company also stresses on reassuring its chief stakeholders of overall sustainability through compliance, ethics and corporate citizenship. These elements combined form the basis of AICL’s corporate philosophy and CSR.

AICL’s CSR is primarily focused on achieving compliance, upholding ethical standards, actively participating in corporate citizenship and maintaining overall sustainability. AICL has undertaken an array of initiatives, including improved communication and extensive training, to cultivate these aspects of its operations.

Compliance and Ethics
Regulations are becoming increasingly complex in light of high transparency prerequisites being enforced globally. AICL has continually striven to develop its capabilities until it can be at par with international players in the global insurance industry, meeting all necessary standards and checks. AICL’s edge in the market at home lies in its strict and efficient compliance of international standards.

AICL has incessantly reiterated that its Compliance Performance Standards are applied to all areas of business. AICL ensures to increase compliance and ethical understanding throughout its management hierarchy. Initiatives taken include internal awareness campaigns, specific trainings in detailed regulatory areas and focused efforts on sensitive areas such as conflict of interest.

Health, Safety & Environment
Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) responsibilities constitute an essential part of Adamjee Insurance’s operations. These become the core of the Company’s activities. Adamjee Insurance’s management and employees share the belief that good HSE contributes positively and productively to business development and success.

It is this belief that urges Adamjee Insurance to increase team efforts, endeavor for better HSE for employees, customers and neighbors. The Company also hopes to safeguard people’s health and minimize the environmental impact of their jobs. AICL’s HSE policy observes all existing laws, regulations and amendments.

Committed to Excellence
In an era of intense hectic competition, AICL stays afloat with its unwavering commitment to operational and financial discipline in producing unparalleled results; keeping its promises and continually fulfilling its customers’ needs.

During the year, Adamjee Insurance was engaged in various activities with organizations including Rehman Keyani Memorial Foundation, Rehman Medical Institute, Hussaini Haematology and Oncology Trust, SAFCO Support Foundation, Noor Medical Center, Pakistan Agricultural Coalition, Special Olympics Pakistan and others.

Adamjee Insurance Re-creational Club organized extra-curricular activities including cricket tournaments, badminton, and tennis competition for the promotion of healthy activities among Employees and also take active participation in the insurance associations events. Annual Picnics in Pakistan & United Arab Emirates were also arranged.

The company has implemented green office initiative across its offices in Karachi and Lahore in the year 2018 and successfully conducted its first audit.

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